How can you help Faber?

1.Do you want to setup and action / event for the support of the foundation Faber Goes USA, than we are pleased to hear that.

You can send an e-mail to, containing:
- what kind of action / event;
- the date of the action / event;
- contact person (along with contact data);
- which media do you want to inform about this action / event.
Activities / events which are supported by the foundation, will be announced on the website of Faber Goes USA.

2.Donate via bank.

You can donate your money in 3 different ways:
- By regular bank transfer;
- iDeal transfer;
- Credit card.

3.Send an SMS

You can SMS FABER to 4411, with which you will donate immediately. You will receive one (1) SMS, which will cost you EUR 1,50 per received message.
Thank you for your support ! With this support, you enable Faber’s treatment in America.